“Edible” wedding favors: the 3 basic rules and the winning ideas

The gift “food” as wedding favors is increasingly appreciated by the bride and groom, especially the guests! So let’s see what kind of “edible” wedding favors is best to focus on.

There are three basic rules:

  1. Choose Durable Foods. By avoiding foods that are too perishable, in addition to saving everyone logistical complications, you’ll be sure that the memory of your wedding will stick around longer.

  2. Choose the excellence of the territory. Your guest gift will have more meaning. In addition, valuing local producers will also give you a better chance of optimal value for money.

  3. Practicality first. Food favors cannot be difficult to transport due to size, weight, extreme fragility, intense odor, etc. Also, keep in mind any limitations if you have guests traveling by air. Packaging must be professionally sealed.

Make sure you follow these rules and then think about the product. The perfect one should feature meaning and elegance. Alright, we all love a well-cured salami or a nice fat caciotta, but maybe they aren’t the most romantic memories you want to leave behind from your wedding, right?

Here are some ideas for your “edible” favors:

  1. Honey: exquisite and perfumed, splendid to look at, rich in symbolism of good luck.
  2. Oil: also a pleasure for the taste, smell and sight.
  3. Wine: there are now many wineries that can provide the bride and groom with personalized bottles of different levels of value and price.
  4. Jams and preserves: perfect if you are getting married in a rustic place.
  5. Chocolate or typical bonbons: to leave a sweet memory.
  6. Aromatic herbs: in jars but also as a potted plant, ideal if you want to give your edible favours a greater “green” footprint.

In any case, it is important that you provide personalized packaging for your “edible” favors. For bottles or jars, have special labels prepared with your names and wedding date. For other types of packaging, you will need tags or stickers. This will really make your gift special.

Finally, if you want to give more “value” to your wedding favor and for it to remain a memory even after the food has been consumed, you can invest in a more luxurious container, such as a reusable craft bottle or a precious ceramic container…

With the “edible” wedding favors, you will still be sure to make an original and appreciated gift to your guests!