Wedding on the beach: make your dream come true while escaping disaster!

Golden sand, a romantic sunset, a light breeze, the sound of the waves… If this is the perfect setting for your “I do,” here are all the tips for a beach wedding: make your dream come true, escaping disaster!

First of all, it is essential to take care of the bureaucratic aspects, permits, and regulations well in advance. The regulations on marriage on the beach vary from country to country and even locally. So it is very important to understand what you can and can not do and provide for any special requirements.

In this and other organizational matters, your wedding planner or - even better - the wedding coordinator of the location you will choose can help you. Many structures on the beach, in fact, now offer this useful service to assist the newlyweds. It is worth taking advantage of their experience, and it is a factor to consider when choosing the location!

But of course, this is not the only aspect to be evaluated! The beauty of the place, the services, the price are as always fundamental but for a beach wedding is more than ever the possibility of a “plan B.” Even if you get married in the middle of summer, a day of bad weather is always possible or vice versa; even extreme heat can ruin the event. So make sure that the location has solutions and facilities to ensure the comfort of guests at all times, in all weather conditions.

As far as outfits and preparations are concerned, know that a beach wedding “binds” perhaps more than the classic villa. In order not to risk a bad taste effect, for a beach wedding, avoid pompous and bulky dresses. No to the train and formal and dark suits that would be out of place. You can adopt and even recommend to your guests a “dress code” theme, elegant but relaxed, boho-chic style, so fashionable. Needless to say, stiletto heels and shiny loafers are not suitable on the beach, so it’s better to go barefoot, ready to dance on the sand!

Even for the decorations, you need to have clear ideas. If you choose a beach wedding, don’t think of including silver candelabras and miles of brocade! Rather focus on bright colors, natural materials, and floral decorations based on local species that can withstand the heat. Also, to some “sea” themed details, but don’t overdo it with fishing nets and seahorses!

With these little tricks and a little attention to the organization, you can make your dream of a beach wedding come true, avoiding disasters!