Your wedding music

What you need to know to avoid… jarring notes!

The music of your wedding will become a real soundtrack, so it is very important to plan it carefully. Here’s some food for thought to avoid… off-key notes!

First of all, as always, it is essential to have a clear idea of the general atmosphere you want for your big day. Unless you are lovers of bold contrasts, a rock band with karaoke will not be suitable for a romantic wedding in a villa, a string quartet is not suitable if you are getting married in a rustic farmhouse … As well as the neomelodic crooner is not the best if you want a dance party and the instrumental group of Celtic harps could be a bit 'difficult to involve the guests. The secret is that even the choice of musical entertainment is in harmony with all the other components.

It is often said that the wedding day should reflect the couple and their personality. And this is certainly true, but in the case of entertainment, it is necessary to think also and above all to the fun of the guests. If you are a fan of medieval German polyphony or extreme heavy metal, or if you have very particular musical tastes, maybe it is time to accept some small compromises at your wedding party. Choose (also) mainstream music that the majority can easily appreciate more.

But what are the options available?

Don’t forget to first check with the venue to assess the available space, any equipment, any limitations (of volume, hours etc.). Then, based on previous considerations and budget, you can choose between DJs, bands and ensembles, singers or duos, instrumental musicians, providers of other musical entertainment (karaoke, quizzes, dedications and requests …)

The necessary precautions for the choice of each supplier apply. For an optimal result, NO do-it-yourself and improvisation (the cousin who plays the flute or the friend who is in tune will certainly be talented and animated by generosity, but professionals are another matter). Evaluate the repertoire, the services offered, the availability, the experience. And do not overlook the immediate feeling on a personal level.

It’s best to view videos of previous musical performances or - even better - attend a live performance by the potential vendor before deciding.

A good musical accompaniment must be precisely an accompaniment, not intrusive, which emphasizes the event’s key moments. Will be selected with particular care the pieces that accompany the arrival of the bride and groom, any speeches, the first dance by the husband and wife, the cutting of the cake and the farewell guests. These are the moments in which it would be nice to include songs that are particularly significant for you.

Don’t forget that there may be requirements or costs for performing songs in public depending on the regulations in force.

We hope that these reflections will help you to choose the best soundtrack for your most special day!