The 8 mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding. You’re definitely making number 4!

Yes, organizing your wedding is a wonderful experience, but it can also become a lot of stress: here are the 8 mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding!

  1. Communication errors between the future spouses. In order to reach the finishing line with serenity, it is essential that you are as harmonious as possible with each other on the important choices. If she is dreaming of a fairytale wedding, with a princely dress and settings from One Thousand and One Nights, while he wants a quick ceremony in the municipality and then a toast with friends… well, disaster is just around the corner! Look for the right compromise, and never lose your smile!

  2. Lack of realism. Limited budget, logistical difficulties, and various impediments are unfortunately often a reality that you need to keep in mind from the beginning, or you will be disappointed.

  3. Lack of rigor on deadlines. A wedding is a complex event that involves several players in addition to the guests. Making the whole gear work becomes impossible if you don’t keep a strict schedule.

  4. Overdose of inspirations : perhaps the most common of the 8 mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding! You risk going on tilt among the specialized press, internet, friends, and relatives because of too many ideas, images, and advice. Don’t let yourself be influenced; in order to realize the wedding of your dreams, your vision must be clear and decisive!

  5. Overdo it. your big day but don’t overdo it. Don’t distort your personality or want to impress at any cost!

  6. Underestimate the importance of vendors. Agreed, the budget can’t be unlimited for everything, but professionalism makes all the difference. We all have “a cousin who’s good at taking pictures,” “a friend who’s willing to play the flute in church,” “an aunt who will sew my wedding favors,” and there’s nothing wrong with that, quite the contrary! But don’t expect “wow” results…

  7. Don’t think about priorities. Can’t have it all? It doesn’t matter, as long as your priorities are clear. Choose two or three aspects that are essential for you, and for these, settle for only the best! Location and catering are usually considered the most important elements for the event’s success, but it is not necessarily so. Maybe for you, it is essential the photographer, the florist, the music, the dress … What do you want to invest in?

  8. Taking yourself too seriously. The wedding is actually something very important but… hey, don’t lose your cool! It’s certainly not the color of the centerpieces that will decide the value of the day. Be yourself, don’t lose sight of the fact that the purpose of the day is to celebrate your love with your loved ones, not to argue about favors!

We’ve seen the 8 mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding, and alas, other little traps can await you on the way, but it’s sure to be an exciting journey!