Marriage has always been a beloved subject of cinema. There are countless romantic comedies that revolve around this event; we have selected our favorites for you.

So, to organize your evenings before the wedding, make yourself comfortable on the sofa, prepare the popcorn and enjoy the 5 funniest wedding movies ever!

1.      Four Weddings and a Funeral

Bachelor Hugh Grant and a group of witty London friends meet at four weddings and a funeral. Will there be an opportunity to find true love? An unforgettable classic of “marriage” films, Hugh Grant is perfect in character, has a fabulous cast, British humor and romance.

2.      My best friend’s wedding

When her best friend ever announces that he is getting married, Julianne (Julia Roberts) realizes she loves him and decides to do anything to mess up the wedding. Amazing actors, memorable musical numbers, laughter, misunderstandings and a happy ending.

3.      Runaway Bride

He is a divorced journalist; she is famous for the habit of abandoning boyfriends at the altar… Will he succeed Richard Gere to capitulate the “runaway bride” Julia Roberts? Not to be missed for brides-to-be with some last-minute doubts!

4.      Mamma mia!

On a picturesque Greek island, a girl tries to find out who her real father is on the eve of her wedding. A film adaptation of the historic musical on Abba’s seventies notes; an explosion of fun ideal for an evening with future bridesmaids!

5.      The father of the bride

Jealous dad Steve Martin grappling with his daughter’s wedding organization amid unexpected events and hilarious disasters. A little dated but still a lot of fun… A must-see - why not? - together with future in-laws.

In our opinion, these were the 5 funniest wedding films ever, the really unmissable ones, but which are your favourites?