7 ideas for a “green” wedding. Is your wedding polluting?

Have you ever thought about it? Between waste, emissions, and rubbish, a wedding can become a significant source of pollution. But with some pretty simple steps and without too many sacrifices, you can celebrate great and respect the environment at the same time!

Here are the 7 ideas for a “green” wedding.

  1. If possible, the organization should not involve long journeys to reach the place of the ceremony and then the place of the reception. You will thus avoid the use of polluting means of transport.

  2. In the same vein, seasonal and KM0 choices should be encouraged, for locations, flowers, various suppliers, menus… It will also be a way to enhance the excellence of the territory!

  3. No to waste! Be careful to plan a rich but proportionate banquet. Contact one of the many associations that distribute surplus food to those in need.

  4. Reuse and reclaim. The wedding can be an opportunity to give a second life to that vintage dress that has been handed down in the family or to use charming second-hand materials for decorations. Trunks, old books, antique lace will give a touch of romance to the decorations!

green wedding image

  1. Eco-friendly wedding favors: the possibilities are endless. A good idea could be to avoid superfluous knick-knacks and move towards useful objects. Or you can choose food gifts such as honey, oil, jams from organic farming. Very popular is usually also the wedding favor “green”: bulbs, seeds, succulents, or aromatic plants. You can also “give a tree”: several online services offer the possibility to give each guest a “certificate of adoption” of a tree planted in their name.

  2. Pay attention to your wedding list: make sure you choose items and vendors that follow serious sustainability policies. This also applies to those who decide to get a honeymoon gift: favour responsible and ecological tourism.

  3. Pay attention to the paper! For your invitations and coordinated paper (menus, ceremony booklets, thank you cards …), choose recycled paper. There are beautiful ones. Or, even better, surprise your guests with paper that can be sown! Once their use is over, your invitations can be directly planted in a pot of soil and watered: the seeds mixed in the paper will sprout!

These were just 7 ideas for a “green” wedding, but there is a lot of food for thought, and it takes very little to organize the event in a more conscious way.

It’s the small gestures that change the world!