Many of the particularities of the traditional wedding date back to Celtic antiquity and local folklore. Let’s see together some of the most fascinating.

1.      Claddagh ring is a beautiful traditional engagement ring. It represents two hands surrounding a heart surmounted by a crown. Depending on how the ring is worn, it has different meanings. In the right hand, with the tip of the heart pointing towards the fingertips, it means searching for a soul mate, and with the tip of the heart pointing towards the wrist, it means “engaged”. The left hand with the tip of the heart pointing towards the fingertips indicates betrothal. Married people wear it on the left hand, with the tip of the heart pointing towards the wrist. Read more you can read here.

2.      Wedding bells: it is customary to ring bells and bells at Irish weddings to scare away evil and envious spirits. Bells are also a typical wedding gift, as a good luck charm against discord.

3.      Many brides carry a “magic” handkerchief embroidered with four-leaf clovers as a good luck charm. From this same handkerchief, a cap is made for the baptism of the firstborn. Then it is unstitched, and the handkerchief is passed on to the brides of future generations.

4.      Often, brides like to add typical symbols of Irish culture to their dresses: crosses, knots, and four-leaf clovers in the form of white embroidery.

5.      The groom traditionally wears a very elegant Irish kilt.

6.      Often, the decorations, the flavors, and the mise en place have traditional symbols of good luck: four-leaf clovers or small horseshoes facing upwards. Once upon a time, brides brought a real horseshoe to the altar to appease their luck.

7.      The most characteristic musical entertainment is that of the Irish Uilleann Pipes, the small traditional bagpipes, and Celtic harps, another national symbol.

8.      The rite sometimes involves the millennial ritual of handfasting, literally “binding of hands”, which dates back to the ancient Celts. The celebrant wraps the four hands of the bride and groom with a ribbon or rope to symbolize an indissoluble union.

The unleashed Irish dances and the beloved national alcoholic beverages cannot be missing!