The honeymoon is undoubtedly part of every wedding tradition, but like all traditions today, it is renewed: let’s discover the most unusual trends for the honeymoon.

How has the custom of traveling by the bride and groom after the wedding evolved today? The latest news is called minimoon, buddy moon and staycation!


You’ve been running from one supplier to another, stressed organizing your wedding, decided to invest in the perfect day, employing so much physical and emotional energy, and economic… Now that the big day has passed, you’re certain. Do you want dozens of flight hours, connections, time differences, huge suitcases, huge expenses and demanding programs for weeks? More and more couples are choosing a “mini” honeymoon. Therefore limited duration, perhaps a long weekend, to be enjoyed in privacy and not too far from home but certainly with all the top comforts! It can also be the perfect idea for those who are tied to precise schedules for work reasons and prefer to postpone the “official” trip to a more favorable period.


Unbelievable but true: now honeymoons are in groups! To try an out-of-the-ordinary experience (and also to cut costs!), you can decide to leave in the company of friends. These trips, often exotic and adventurous, are organized in such a way as to share part of the travel activities while carving out moments exclusively “for two”. After all, in most cases, it is not the first trip as a couple and can become a memory to be treasured forever among friends … Alternatively, you can also decide to join groups formed by other couples of newlyweds unknown and meet new fellow adventurers!


Can’t or don’t want to go on a honeymoon? It’s certainly not a problem, indeed! Between forced changes of plans, skyrocketing costs, uncertainty and stress, so many couples simply choose to enjoy the period of intimacy and relaxation after the wedding at home. Of course, it doesn’t mean staying bored in your pajamas! You can turn your home into a luxury hotel by treating yourself to new bedding and sumptuous breakfasts. Create a spa night with scents and candles. Organize an open-air cinema in the garden preceded by a romantic picnic. Arm yourself with a guide and map, and be a tourist in your own city. Hire a home chef for one evening. In short… Just the two of you and your passions; that’s all you need!

And you? Traditional honeymoon? Or do you prefer one of these more unusual honeymoon trends?