The day of lovers is the perfect opportunity to show extra love with a small or big surprise! Romantic Valentine’s Day for future spouses: here are the top ideas!

1.      CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING! There are countless online services that allow you to create all kinds of personalized gadgets, a truly unique surprise! An example? Calendar with your photos, T-shirt with your favorite phrase, a map of the starry sky as it appeared on the day of your first meeting, chocolate confetti with a romantic message.

2.      A SPECIAL NIGHT. Planning a little getaway is a great idea, but may the destination truly be unforgettable! It is not necessary to choose luxurious and expensive places, just find something unusual and romantic and above all in line with your passions: have you ever stayed overnight in a treehouse? Or in a mountain retreat? Under a transparent dome to see the stars? In an apartment in the heart of a lively city? In a museum? In a zoo? This and more are possible!

3.      CULINARY EXPERIENCE FOR TWO. Many restaurants offer themed menus for Valentine’s Day. If you love good food, it may be the ideal time to spoil yourself with an aphrodisiac dinner, to try an unknown ethnic cuisine, to enjoy impeccable service in an elegant location.

4.      THE GREAT CLASSICS. Don’t be afraid to be taken for granted: a jewel or a bijoux, flowers, and chocolates are always appreciated by women, and - why not? - even to men!

5.      LOVE LETTER. Are you among the many people who struggle to express their feelings? Then it’s your time. Spend an hour (or more!) to write down how you feel about your significant other. Receiving your love letter will be the most precious of gifts.

We hope to have given you some good ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day for future spouses! The truth is that packets, karats, or glasses of champagne don’t matter: the most important thing is the desire to be together!