More and more spouses are choosing to say yes in autumn: here are all the season trends, just as many more than valid reasons to love an autumn wedding.

·        Nature protagonist. The season invites you to immerse yourself in nature among unmistakable colors and scents. So, from choosing the location to set up, natural elements should play a central role in every fall wedding. The great protagonists must be wood, fruit, seasonal leaves and flowers, rough canvas, the warm light of candles…

·        Country-chic atmospheres. Avoid typically summer locations which might appear a little sad out of season. More than ever, it is essential that the structure you choose for the reception has an excellent solution in case of bad weather and, in any case, for the evening. Still, the beginning of autumn in many areas can give days of dazzling beauty to be enjoyed in the open air. Privileged country-chic style locations offer the unique atmosphere of woods, vineyards, and orchards.

·        Unmistakable palette. An autumn wedding has an essential feature: colour. The warm and burnt tones of the leaves that turn yellow, red, and brown can be your guide, but the autumn palette also seduces with the shades of teal and burgundy, mustard and powder pink.

·        In praise of good food. What’s more beautiful than enjoying the pleasures of good food when the season starts to get cold outside? This is why it is precisely the time to focus on the culinary aspect without worrying too much about the “heaviness” risk. Game or truffle? Wine or chocolate? The choice is yours; the important thing is that you can give the go-ahead to the tastiest local products, the most genuine flavours, and to the most special experiences to pamper the palate of your guests.

·        Seasonal flowers. Contrary to what one might think, autumn blooms are many and splendid, characterized by bright colors: dahlias, gerberas, orchids, sunflowers … (Here, for example, you will find a list: but rely on your trusted florist to select the most suitable varieties for you. The winning idea? To distinguish yourself and to give a decidedly autumnal tone to bouquets and decorations, this season focus on unusual elements such as decorative pumpkins, berries, pine cones, small fruits, dried flowers, leaves, roots and twigs.

How about? We bet you felt like saying yes in the fall? :)