The real protagonist of every floral wedding decoration is the bride’s bouquet! Here are some aspects to consider when choosing one.

·        The most important rule is that it is in harmony with the dress and hairstyle. A single elegant long-stemmed calla lily runs the risk of “getting lost” in a loaded and elaborate dress. A huge and colorful bouquet could clash with a minimal dress. But it is also true that splendid effects can also be obtained with floral compositions that compensate the dress with elegant contrasts.

·        To prevent costs from rising dramatically and to have a more sustainable and natural bouquet, choose seasonal flowers. Autumn and winter also offer wonderful varieties.

·        Don’t overlook the meaning of flowers. Of course, there are various interpretations according to the cultures. Look for a good “glossary of flowers” (for example this and choose the ones with the message that best represents you. The most original idea? Add fruits and vegetables to your bouquet!

·        Shape is perhaps even more important than color! Choose a small and compact bouquet if you are not very tall and for short dresses or with clean lines with a bustier and full skirt. The cascading bouquet is best suited to tall brides and long dresses. The bouquet with a single flower or a few corollas of a single type and with a long stem is exquisite on column or mermaid dresses. Probably the most current form of composition is the deliberately “disheveled” one, with flowers artfully arranged in an apparent naturalness, very versatile and suitable for any style.

·        For those who want to stand out, there are also more particular shapes, such as wrist bouquets, purse bouquets to hang on the arm or hoop bouquets in a circle, similar to a garland.

·        No to artificial accessories like glitter and glitter or plastic beads. Better to add small fruits or twigs. Maxi floating ribbons to wrap around the stems are also very popular.

·        Attention to the practical aspects: rely on the florist for a comfortable handle and for the choice of flowers that do not wither too quickly during the day.

·        And after the wedding? Suppose you don’t want to give up your beloved bouquet and keep it as a souvenir. In that case, you can choose an unusual, non-perishable craft creation, for example, with origami paper or silk flowers, perhaps in glass or even in Lego! Or a bouquet of stabilized or dried flowers (beautiful, for example, ears, cotton flowers, pampas…). There are also artists who can make real paintings for you with petals from your bouquet!

This was our little guide to choosing the bride’s bouquet. When you hold yours in your hands, it will be a magical moment!