Where does the use come from?

In ancient times, young women and men dressed similarly to spouses and supported them with the task of confusing and misleading evil and envious spirits.

Who are the bridesmaids?

Not to be confused with the wedding witnesses (although it is possible that they have both roles), they are the relatives and friends of the bride in charge of accompanying and helping her in the preparations and during the ceremony. Unlike witnesses (who sign the records), they do not have a legal role.

How many are they?

According to etiquette, the bride’s bridesmaids can be a maximum of 8. So be careful to choose without risking offending someone!

How do they dress?

The clothing must be discreet (because the mortal sin of every bridesmaid would be to steal the show from the bride!) But at the same time stand out from that of all the other guests. Bridesmaids should wear matching dresses. It does not necessarily have to be identical, but perhaps in shades of the same elegant color and with different shapes to suit the body and tastes of each or the same model in different colors … Here you can see many super-chic examples!

Often it is the bride who chooses the dress for the bridesmaids. In this case, it would be appropriate for the bride to bear the cost.

How about the flowers?

Traditionally, it is the bride who gives the bridesmaids a floral arrangement to adorn herself. It must be coordinated with the bride’s bouquet and can be a smaller and simpler version of the bouquet itself, but also a corsage or a flower crown …

Who is the maid of honor?

Among the bridesmaids, you can select one, the dearest person, who will have the main role of support for the bride in the preparations and will organize the bachelorette party. He will have to be close to the bride at all times of the wedding day. She will be responsible for keeping the dress, bouquet, wedding rings, welcoming guests, in short, making sure that everything goes smoothly for her friend! Sometimes the maid of honor gives a little speech.

Do you have to give the bridesmaids a gift?

Yes, that would be a nice gesture and is usually done. There are solutions for all budgets. Among the prettiest ideas, there are jewels or bijoux, perfumes, or objects personalized with initials.