What’s more beautiful than an outdoor wedding? If you have the opportunity, here are all the tricks and secrets for a perfect outdoor wedding.

The main tip, which the best wedding planners never fail to put into practice, is only one: have a plan B! It doesn’t matter if you get married in the middle of the summer, it doesn’t matter if “it never rains where we get married…”! In organizing events, the unexpected is always around the corner and should never be underestimated. The important thing is to know how to manage it and, if possible, to turn it into an opportunity! Therefore, it’s always best to choose a location that offers an excellent indoor alternative in case of an emergency.

If the weather conditions are not optimal, think first of all about the comfort of the guests! There are many small precautions with which you can make your outdoor wedding more comfortable. Could it be cool in the evening? Prepare soft white fleece blankets for guests who want to linger and chat under the stars. Is the mercury rising higher than expected? Personalized fans and bottles of water with the initials of the bride and groom will be a welcome refreshment. Is there a risk of a few drops of rain? Distribute white umbrellas all the same (which can also offer a beautiful aesthetic effect).

For the decorations of an outdoor wedding you are spoiled for choice! You can find many inspirations, from the most elegant to the most rustic, for example here

Whatever style you desire, it is crucial that the settings are in harmony with the location and make the most of its natural and scenographic elements .

Other tips and secrets for a perfect outdoor wedding?

When choosing the location, make sure that there are no small-big inconveniences that sometimes occur outdoors and can really spoil the atmosphere: insects, annoying noises, unpleasant smells.

An outdoor wedding requires a little more organizational care: it is essential to choose the right time based on the season and have staff capable of managing the lighting strategically and ensuring that the audio system is also adequate. Don’t forget to suggest an inspection to the photographer to assess the light live at different times and the most suggestive views.

Finally, it is good practice to inform guests in advance that the event will be outdoors so that they can equip themselves with suitable clothing and accessories.