The 4 best trends for a fairytale wedding cake

Number 4 will bring everyone together!

The wedding cake has always been the queen of the reception and the highlight of the banquet. Whether minimal or baroque, the important thing is that it is impressive and consistent with the atmosphere of the event.

Here are the 4 best wedding cake trends!

  1. Mini cakes and monoportions
  2. Flowers galore!
  3. Gold, marble, and minerals
  4. Renewed tradition

  1. Mini cakes and single portions. A rather new, practical, and impressive solution is to avoid the classic slice of cake, proposing a perfect small whole cake in mignon version to each guest. A useful idea also to avoid assemblages at the buffet! Decorated personalized cookies are very fashionable, maybe with the names of the newlyweds. They can also become a nice alternative to sugared almonds.

  2. Flowers at will! Floral decorations, the classic protagonists of the wedding decorations, are also on the cake. Whether they are real edible flowers (rely on experts who know how to select and use them properly!) or works of art in sugar paste, the important thing is that they are large and clearly visible.

  3. Gold, marble, and minerals. Playing with effects to create the perfect illusion of unusual materials has been a growing trend for years. Some of the most sensational cakes of the past seasons have amazed us by reproducing elegant metallic effects, minerals in sugar crystals, marbled fillings. A “strong” and scenographic choice in the name of elegance.

wedding cake

  1. But not everyone wants to impress their guests with special effects. More traditional cakes and simple, clean solutions are coming back into vogue. The naked cakes, for example, are towers of “naked” sponge cake filled with cream, decorated with fruit or flowers. In this case, the impeccable execution of the most famous and loved recipes is essential.

These were some of the top wedding cake trends. But the number one commandment remains the most obvious one even if it is too often underestimated: the cake must be GOOD first of all! Cake design is important, but it should never make us forget about taste.